Playoff-less Bills

As the season comes to an end the Buffalo Bills are fighting to finish their year off right at .500. This was not the year Bills fans were expecting and surely not what Josh Allen and the Bills had planned. When the season first started this team had all sorts of problems coming from all over the field. Turnovers continued to be the downfall for Josh Allen and it hurt his team badly leaving them at (1-4) through 5 weeks. As the season continued Josh began to get into his own rhythm and limit those crucial turnovers, but by this time the damage had already been done and the team already took 4 Division losses. Although there was a lot of bad this season we also seen some things that can be a plus for the season to come.
After watching Bills practice a few days ago I was able to reach out to Coach Carter and ask him a few questions about what him and his team will be working on come offseason. My first question to him was, “what were the biggest takeaways from this season?”

Coach Carter: “I would have to say my Quarterback play, and me and Josh have talked about this all season long. He needs to understand that he is the piece on this team that gets things moving and when he is messing up and/or not playing how he should, it affects the team in negative ways. I’ve seen him progress throughout the second half of the season so I’m very proud of the man and excited to see what he has in store for us in the future.”

Reporter: “I know you said Josh Allen is your teams leader, but defensively who would you say your playmaker/leader is on that side, and what do you expect out of him?”

Coach: “It is no doubt Tredavious White and I put him on a bigger pedestal than Josh Allen sometimes because I know how great he can be. White is a player I want on our team for his entire career. This season wasn’t a down year for him but due to COVID his mind wasn’t in the right place and it surely didn’t help him become the leader I wanted to see in him this year. I expect big things next year though.”

Reporter: “Last question, Who are you most excited about next year and why?”

Coach: “I’m very excited to see this whole team come together. We got Diggs playing unbelievable week in week out and also Singletary hitting holes with speed and protecting the ball at all times. I’m very excited about our TE Knox who has taken the back seat to a veteran this season but I believe he will come into next season with some motivation. The most important piece I think will come into factor next season is Ed Oliver. He’s a stud and not much needs to be said about him besides he is going to be an All-Pro very soon. I also want to throw in Tremaine Edmunds as well. Dude is a human specimen and he’s very young. I believe I have atleast 3 all pro defensive players on my team and we will be building around them.”

So as you see this organization has some things to get taken care of but they are not that far from a Super Bowl run. The vibes in the building seems very optimistic and you can bet that the bills will be back and better next season.