2020 Draft Class (QB )

              Premier Madden League first regular season is coming to an end. Which means its that time to look back on the 2020 draft class and see how they are panning out. Will start out with the toughest position to draft…. The QBs.

Justin Herbert

Herbert coming into the 2020 NFL draft was looked at to be a top 10 pick with plenty of QB needy teams in the draft. Even rumors of him being the first QB off the board. Ultimately, he went number 6. the fall in the draft had a lot to do with his accuracy with the deep ball and the breakdown of his footwork when the pocket was not clean. This may have been for the better. You’ll understand this as we move down the list of QBs. Looking at the stats for Herbert with the Chargers, he has clearly emerged for now as the 2020 drafts top QB. The next elite signal caller of the NFL. Herbert has thrown for a total of 5,019 yards on 353 attempts. Normally it would be ill advised to have your rookie QB air it out so many times. However, this is not the case as shown by Herbert’s 138 passer rating. He leads all rookie QBs with 41 TDs and has only thrown 14 interception. The sky is the limit for Herbert and will keep an eye on his development for seasons to come to truly see if he was the guy to get in 2020 at the quarterback position.

  • Tua Tagovaloa

Tua the last 2 years was the talk of the town at QB. Smooth in the pocket. Great reads and a accurate arm. But the biggest concern was his health. Throughout his career he could not stayed healthy. Injuring both his ankles and the major injury his senior year at Alabama with the hip. Teams just didn’t know how he would fair behind a average offense line in the NFL. Miami took a chance on Tua. They felt the QBs skill set and possible upside was worth the risk. And it seems to be paying off. Well Tua’s stats don’t stand out like our #1 QB’s do. They are still great for a rookie and he was not placed in the best position like Herbert. Tua is sitting at 3,766 yards on the season. He has thrown the ball 409 times. Holding a passer rating of 107. Tua has thrown 29 TDs to only 19 interceptions. Tau has completely turned the Dolphin’s organization around. Keep an eye out for Tua to ramp up the passing more season 2 .

  • Jacob Eason

Eason not the big star college QB you would expect to get on your list did not go in the first round. This being because teams thought he was not polished and lacked experience. His accuracy was top tier with a clean pocket. But watch the pocket collapse and with that his accuracy did as well. Eason’s numbers are not eye popping, but they are a start to what could be a damn good NFL career. Sitting at 1,557 yards on the season on 141 attempts. Eason has a passer rating of 129. Eason has made good reads and minimized mistakes. Eason has 15 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. The big question for Eason……. Is he the Colts guy or will they look for a better more prized talent at the Signal calling position?

That is it for the top QBs of the 2020 class. Stay tuned for the Running backs of 2020 in the next article . Until then …. Lab up!!!