The Final Nail In The Coffin

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the Eagles for the last couple of weeks, as they have been feeling every emotion in the book.  Starting with week 12 and ending with week 16, the Eagles and their fans went from emerging playoff hopefuls to a top 10 pick. 


Week 12 versus the Seattle Seahawks was the first step in making a playoff comeback. After beating the Cleveland Browns, the Eagles were riding high and took the momentum they had into this game. Carson Wentz continued to be the interception machine he has been the entire season but the Eagles rode the backs of running back Miles Sanders and their defense to secure a 28-26 victory. 


Week 13 versus the Green Bay Packers was the last game that the Eagles won this season. Riding a two game winning streak, the Eagles were hot on the heels of their division mates and smelt the playoffs for the first time this season. Wentz and company finally played a complete game, only turning the ball over once while smothering the Packer offense. This was the Eagles team that was supposed to compete this season. The talent on this roster has the capability to produce games like this but most times this season they disappointed their fans with a sloppy performance. 


Riding high on a three game winning streak, the Eagles were brought back down to earth by the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles came into this game feeling good, but Wentz turned back the clock and tossed 4 back breaking interceptions to the Saint defense. Putting his defense in a bad spot, Wentz’s  turnovers only made it easier for Drew Brees and company to walk up and down the field to a tune of 5 touchdowns thrown. The Saints had their way with the Eagle defense and just as they have all season, the Eagles under performed their way to a loss. 


If there was ever a game that described the Eagles season perfectly, it was week 15 versus the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles were hit right on the nose by smash mouth football and had no answer for it. The Cardinals sustained long drives by running the football and converting third downs. The Eagle offense tried counteracting the long defense drives with a high flying pass attack that only ended up hurting them in the end. Carson Wentz threw the ball all over the place for a tune of 4 touchdowns, however, his costly 3 interceptions are what ended the Eagles late game comeback. The Eagles have had a tough time stopping the run all season and this game proved that even one of the worst offensive lines can easily dominate what is supposed to be a great Philadelphia defensive line. Coming into this game, the Eagles had an off shot chance at the playoffs, however, this loss was the official nail in their coffin.


What could possibly be worse than the Eagles losing their playoff hopes in last week’s game versus the Cardinals? How about getting destroyed by a divisional rival when you had a shot at playing spoiler. The Eagles had a great shot at knocking the Cowboys from the top spot in the division, however, just like the rest of the season their turnovers played the biggest factor in this week’s blowout. Carson Wentz is ending the season, exactly how he started it, by throwing interceptions. Wentz threw two interceptions in the first quarter, leading to a 21-0 lead for the Cowboys. On the back of Miles Sanders, the Eagles would make a comeback, however, down by 7 and on the move in Cowboy territory, Carson Wentz threw a terrible pick 6 to blow up the game. He would throw 4 more interceptions for a total of 7, paving the way for the Cowboys to blow out the Eagles.

Simply put, the Eagles have played bad football with a glimpse at what could have been. This team was supposed to compete for the division crown, but ended up being the bottom feeders of the division. The final game of their disappointing season is against the Washington Football team where they hope that they can play a close game and potentially pull off the upset.