Bears Wishlist

The Chicago Bears or the Monsters of the Midway the defense likes to be called really lives up to its name on the defensive side of the ball, with Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, and Eddie Jackson leading the way. The offense on the other hand has been inconsistent and to say the least subpar. Which is not something you see from Coach Noble’s offenses, in the past in has been explosive games through the air consistently.

Which leads us to the needs:

  1. First on this list is a Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles have been inconsistent and untrustworthy enough to win games for this team if playing from behind. The Bears have a pretty good o-line so it could benefit from a strong arm QB. The Bears remain quiet about who they have their eyes on in this upcoming draft but I imagine a franchise QB is the easy number one on the list of needs.
  2. Speed on the perimeter, the Bears have great talents in Anthony Miller and Allen Robinson, but they don’t have the deep threat they desperately need to open up the underneath stuff. They have been in the trade market but don’t count them out getting a steal in this draft.
  3. The Bears have allowed 34 sacks between the two quarterbacks while that might not be alarming but if they were to draft a young quarterback they should need more pass protection maybe a personnel switch would be in order.

Now the three needs the Bears have wants, probably far-fetched wants but things that would make this team even scarier:

  1. A true lockdown corner, the Darrelle Revis type, that would help eliminate the top tier receivers the Bears face in the division with the Davante Adams, Kenny Golladay, and Adam Thielen it would be easier to play defense knowing your guy was better then the guy on the other side of him.
  2. A pass rusher to compliment Khalil Mack he is consistently double teamed every game and still leads the league in sacks, just imagine if he had a dominant pass rusher on the other side of him. No offense to Robert Quinn but he is just a glimpse of who he used to be.

That concludes the Bears wants/needs list. Do you agree with the list or do you think the Bears have too much focus in one position?