PML Week 16 Power Rankings

  1. Patriots Prev. 1

After another win against a top tier coach in KingMike the Pats remain undefeated at 14-0. Nat stays at 1 for another week as faces the Bills again this week. Unless Geeked can pull out a miracle the Pats will likely finish the season undefeated with the 1 seed in the AFC.

2. Chargers Prev 3

After more than a blowout win against cammy the Chargers jump a spot to #2. Hypemike will play the bronos this week in what should be another win, but maybe lets try to take it easy on some of the leser comp this week

3. Bucs Prev 2

Dlloyd came out with another big win in week 15 but still drops one spot down to #3. Dllyod has officially clinched his playoff spot so he can take a couple weeks off before playoffs. He will face off against a Detroit team led by an elite coach, and who are still fighting for their own playoff spot. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs sat a couple starters, but if everyone is at full strength this could be a huge game

4. Titans Prev 5

After a huge win against Cookieboy last week the Titans have officially clinched a playoff spot. None of the wins have been too pretty but it has gotten the Titans to a 11-3 record to this point. Depending on how other AFC games play out, (Texans) we could see the Titans sit starters this week as well.

5. Cowboys Prev 11

After a much needed win in week 15 against the 49ers the Cowboys now control their own destiny. If they win out they will win the division, but they play two division opponents to end the season, and there is a very talented Washington team right behind them, who also needs to win out in order to guarantee playoffs.

6. Dolphins Prev 6

Coming off a tough loss to Nat Dolphins still sit at a 10-4, but are still in the thick of the playoff race. Dolphins will face off against the Raiders, and with a win Mike should clinch his playoff spot. Mike could easily be higher on this list, but after a loss I feel this spot is fair.

7. Texans Prev 4

Big drop from 4 to 7 this week for the Texans. I feel that speaks more to the elite competition we have here in PML. That being said the Texans dropped a big game in week 15. A divisional match up against the Colts which may have seeding implications, and also keeps Fallen in the hunt for a spot. week 16 is a must win for the Texans, against the 2 win Bengals, who are looking to play spoiler.

8. Lions prev 7

Cookie drops one spot this week after a tough loss to the Titans. Even after the loss Cookie still controls his own destiny going into week 16. Cookie will face off against dyllod this week so he will have his hands full, but this is a must win as the vikes are on his heels also trying to secure a playoff spot.

9. WFT Prev 9

The WFT stays at 9 this week dispite a terrible loss against Mali and the Seahawks. especially when fighting for a playoff spot thats just not a game you can lose. I would move them down after a game like that, but the team at #10 didnt fair much better last week. Week 16 vs JT and the Panthers is a must win, and if Tbruh finds a way to lose then he shouldnt be in the playoffs anyway.

10. Steelers Prev 10

Steelers lost a crushing game vs the previously 1 win Bengals. A win would’ve secured his playoff spot, but now he has to g up again the red hot colts, AND both the Browns and Ravens have a shot to win the division. These last couple weeks are going to tell us alot about Drama, and the AFC North as a whole.

11. Falcons Prev 8

Falcons fall a couple spots after losing to Dllyod. Again this is more based off how competitive the league has become. If Ant wants to continue his season hes going to have to close out the year strong against the Chiefs, and the Bucs again.

12. Vikings Prev 14

Vikings did what they needed to do last week and beat the bears. They are second to Cookieboy in the NFC North ad are still fighting for a playoff spot at 8-6. The Vikes will have to end strong facing Cornell this week and then ending the season against Cookieboy if they want to make the playoffs

13. Colts prev 15

Colts might be the hottest team in PML right now. They have now won 3 straight, including 2 against the Texans. They have the GOTW against Dramaman an the Steelers which could shake up the entire AFC playoff picture.

14. Browns prev 16

The Browns and ravens are basically interchangeable at 14 and 15 as they are in the same position. If they win out they could still be hoping on other teams in order to get in. Browns get a huge addition with chubb coming back and will get the ease of a CPU FW against the Jets this week.

15. Ravens

Ravens currently sit outside the playoff picture but are coming off a big win against the Jags.With the Steelers playoff spot i jeopardy the Ravens could still find a way to win this division. That starts this week against que and the Giants

Power Ranking – 2020 Regular Season Week 16
RankNFL TeamsW-LPrevRankRating
1New England Patriots14-0143.109
2Los Angeles Chargers13-1334.107
3Tampa Bay Buccaneers12-2224.532
4Tennessee Titans11-3517.305
5Dallas Cowboys10-41115.166
6Miami Dolphins10-4614.263
7Washington Football Team9-5914.020
8Houston Texans10-4413.238
9Baltimore Ravens8-61310.733
10Minnesota Vikings8-6148.739
11Pittsburgh Steelers9-5118.022
12Indianapolis Colts8-6157.523
13Atlanta Falcons9-586.457
14Detroit Lions9-576.379
15New York Giants8-6126.166
16New York Jets7-7191.174
17Cleveland Browns8-616-0.553
18Buffalo Bills7-720-1.111
19Chicago Bears7-717-1.669
20Philadelphia Eagles5-822-4.264
21Las Vegas Raiders7-718-5.182
22New Orleans Saints4-1026-7.738
23Seattle Seahawks6-821-9.188
24San Francisco 49ers5-923-12.974
25Jacksonville Jaguars4-1024-13.835
26Arizona Cardinals3-1127-18.402
27Kansas City Chiefs4-1025-18.430
28Green Bay Packers2-1229-23.832
29Cincinnati Bengals2-1228-23.908
30Denver Broncos2-1230-25.113
31Los Angeles Rams1-1231-28.688
32Carolina Panthers1-1332-33.199