PML Week 15 Power Rankings

  1. Patriots Prev. 1

New England Stays atop of the power rankings after another dominant victory over the 0-12 Rams. And at the time of writing this Nat holds a 28-3 lead over the Dolphins. Still king of the hill.

2. Bucs Prev. 2

Coming off a huge win against ZStar and the Vikings Dllyod has another big matchup against the Falcons. If Falcons win the division is still alive so this is a must win.

3. Chargers Prev. 3

The Chargers handled the Falcons in week 14 and look to continue to roll as the offense and Austin ekeler continues to break records. Onto a divisional match up against cammy and the Raiders as they fight for any sliver of playoff hopes as they can. At this point the real test for Hype mike will come wildcard weekend.

4. Texans Prev 4

After a tough loss to the Colts in week 13, the Texans bounced back against the Bears and looked like the Super Bowl contenders. But look whos back again? Indy, and they are fighting for their playoff lives and this is a must win. JT now is the NFLs record holder for single season rush yards and doesn’t look like hes slowing down anytime soon. This game could have big ramifications within the division too as the Titans loom with the same 10-3 record as the Texans with a week 17 match up ahead.

5. Titans Prev 5

Week 14 we saw more of the same…Derrick Henry. The Titans D continues to make big plays and the offense rides on the back of Derrick Henry all the way to a 2020 playoff spot. Week 15 Against Cookieboy and the Lions is going to be a tough game, As cookie is still fighting for the playoffs at 9-4.

6. Dolphins Prev 9

Mike bounced back after that week 13 loss to the Bengals and handled the Chiefs. This week is is biggest game of the season ( It doesn’t end well). Although the game doesn’t effect the division, its more of a benchmark game for mike and all of the AFC

7. Lions. Prev 11

Cookieboy blew out the Packers in week 14, but the next three weeks cookie is going through the gauntlet, Titans this week, Bucs in 16 and Vikings in 17. Depending on how things play out cookies NFC playoff spot could be in jeopardy.

8. Falcons Prev 6

After a tough loss to Hypemike and the chargers last week, the Falcons need to come back strong against Dllyod and the Bucs. That is a lot easier said than done as the Bucs are red hot. These two teams will play again in week 17 as well.

9. WFT Prev 7

After a statement win against dramaman, Tbandit laid an egg against the 49ers who have been bottom feeders this season. They need to bounce back big in week 15 before Que and CEO catch up and make this playoff race interesting.

10.Steelers Prev 7

Drama dropped another tough game against the Bills in week 14 which is putting the playoffs in jeopardy. Steelers need a statement in against division rival Bengals. Drama then has a couple games that could drastically effect the playoffs v the Colts then the Browns.

Power Rankings Week 15
RankNFL TeamsW-LPrevious RankRating
1New England Patriots13-0142.212
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers12-2223.895
3Los Angeles Chargers13-1332.219
4Houston Texans10-4414.101
5Tennessee Titans11-3514.179
6Miami Dolphins10-3915.365
7Detroit Lions9-5118.243
8Atlanta Falcons9-568.576
9Washington Football Team9-5715.092
10Pittsburgh Steelers9-589.638
11Dallas Cowboys9-41014.396
12New York Giants8-5127.872
13Baltimore Ravens8-6139.089
14Indianapolis Colts8-6147.793
15Chicago Bears7-6150.762
16Cleveland Browns7-616-1.990
17Minnesota Vikings7-6176.946
18Las Vegas Raiders7-718-1.795
19New York Jets7-6192.517
20Buffalo Bills7-720-3.407
21Philadelphia Eagles5-821-2.597
22Seattle Seahawks6-822-9.886
23San Francisco 49ers5-823-9.728
24Jacksonville Jaguars4-1024-11.978
25New Orleans Saints4-925-6.649
26Kansas City Chiefs3-1026-19.335
27Arizona Cardinals3-1127-20.880
28Denver Broncos2-1228-23.877
29Cincinnati Bengals2-1229-26.134
30Carolina Panthers1-1330-28.792
31Green Bay Packers2-1231-30.513
32Los Angeles Rams0-1232-31.196