Top 10 “Un-Sim” Stat Lines of the 2020 Season

Sim, sim sim. We all try but it doesn’t always work out. Lets explore the not so sim side of PML as I bring to you, the top 10 not so sim stat lines of the 2020 season.

  1. Jonathan Taylor: 2,221 yards, 22 RuTD, 158ypg (COLTS, RB)

The rookie was given every opportunity, literally, to break out in his rookie campaign.  Not only does Taylor have 234 yards more than the next player behind him, but through the first 14 games of his rookie campaign, he has already surpassed Eric Dickerson’s 36 year old record of 2,105 rushing yards.  At 22 carries per game, the rookie is being worked more than any back in the league.  Taylor also sports 58 receptions for 388 yards and another score if the carry workload wasn’t enough.  Keep Nyheim Hines ready, because I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheels fell off Taylor sometime soon.

2. Derrick Henry: 1,977 yards, 25 RuTD, 152ypg (TITANS, RB)

A true 1A on this list, Henry falls right behind Taylor as one of the most used backs in the league.  Henry would only need 4 RuTD’s to break Tomlinson’s 2006 record of 28.  However, it doesn’t seem likely he would hold the record because Ekeler and Barkley respectively have already broken the record this season.  Same goes to the NFL all time yards record, however Taylor will more than likely hold that honor be seasons end.  Still, a historically monstrous season from King Henry as the Titans have committed themselves to feeding the King for years to come.

3. Austin Ekeler: 1754 yards, 31 RuTD, 135ypg (CHARGERS, RB)

31 RuTD’s in his 4th season.  Who could have imagined?  Austin Ekler has found paydirt 3x more than the entire Rams rushing attack this season (10 RuTD).  Well, be sure to tell your grandkids that Austin Ekeler holds the NFL record with 31 and counting rushing TD’s in a single season.  Yes, that’s right, Austin Ekeler.  What is even more baffling is his teammate at #5 on this list…

4. Will Fuller: 1,615 yards, 26 ReTD, 115ypg, 21.3per reception (TEXANS, WR)

Easily breaking Randy Moss’ 2007 record of 23 ReTD in a season by week 14.  Astounding, 26 touchdowns for Will Fuller.  The departure of DeAndre Hopkins has opened the door for the speedster this season.  Fallen has committed himself to feeding this man the ball.  With 76 receptions, he ranks first in the league in the WR position.  Each game seems like a fantasy must start as he rakes in 115 yards per through the air and a whooping 1.8 ReTD’s per!

5. Keenan Allen: 1,659 yards, 15 ReTD, 128ypg (CHARGERS, RB)

How does HypeMike possibly have enough balls (pause) to feed these two men?  46 combined TD’s for two players?  To put this into perspective, the Rams have 24 total offensive TD’s this season.  These two men doubled the Rams entire offense alone.  To dig a bit deeper on the craziness of the Chargers offense, Mike William’s, no slouch in his own sense, has a 1,042 / 7 ReTD stat line right behind Allen.  Where does all this offense possibly come from?  Fill the rest of us in Mike.

6. Keion Crossen: 7 sacks, 8 interceptions  (TEXANS, CB)

In a season where single player sack totals remained ‘sim range’, this one sticks out on the leaderboard because of where he plays.  The defensive back out of W. Carolina makes the list because he is challenging the season record for sacks by a DB held by Adrian Wilson (8).  To top it off, the jack of all trades also is amongst the league leaders with 8 interceptions.  Has he been cloned to be in two spots at once?  Teach us the way Fallen, teach us. 

7. New England: 47 team sacks (Patriots, Def)

16 sacks more than any other team in the league.  Still won’t sniff the 84’ Bears at 72.  But in terms of league pace, the Patriots are on a whole other level.  No one individual player stands out.  Winovich (8.5), Simon (8), and Bentley (8) lead the leveled pack of sacks.  With all the attention and accusations, I’ll leave this one alone right here. 

8. DeAndre Swift: 116 receptions, 1,025 ReYa, 78.8 ReYPG, 8.8 yards per reception (Lions, RB)

Already broke McCaffrey’s single season record for receptions by a running back, Swift currently has 116 receptions through week 14. The leading WR in the league, Will Fuller,  has 76. CookieBoy has committed himself from using the rookie RB through the air rather than the ground as he sits at 130 carries as the lead back.  Who needs WR’s right?

9. Saquon Barkley: 29 RuTD (Giants, RB)

Where does 29 RuTD’s come from with ‘only’ 1,313 yards?  Que must be a master of getting inside the goal line because this one baffles me.  Not calling him a slouch in any way, shape, or form.  Just in comparison, the top TD leaders are all eclipsing 2,000 yards.  Nevertheless, Barkley sits #2 all-time with his 29 and counting TD’s this season. 

10. Troy Apke: 13 interceptions & Ronald Darby: 11 interceptions (Football Team, FS & CB)

21 combined interceptions by two men who share the same field?  They ranked #1 and #3 in the league respectively through week 14 of the season.  At 24 interceptions, they have more picks then the following list of teams; Bengals (13), Panthers (17), Rams (17), Chiefs (21), Packers (21), Bears (23), Jets (23), and are tied with Raiders (24), Eagles (24).  A truly amazing stat.

Honorable Mention:

  • Todd Gurley: 19 TDs, 1625 yards (Falcons, RB)
  • Deshaun Watson: 52 PaTD (Texans, QB)
  • Raheem Mostert: 21 RuTD (49ers, RB)
  • John Ross: 35 yards per reception, 15 TDs, 1346 yards (Bengals, WR)
  • Demiere Byrd: 1,651 yards, 20 ReTD, 150ypg, 27.5 yards per reception (Patriots, WR)
  • Henry Ruggs III: 150ypg, 20 TD, 28 yards per reception (WR, Raiders)
  • Patriots: 50 points per game
  • Chargers: 45 points per game
  • Rams: 14 PaTD, 10 ReTD