1. Buccaneers- Sitting at 11-2 after a big win over the Vikings with 3 weeks left. They have the falcons twice and the Lions to finish off the season so things can change quickly. The Bucs have been quite the surprise this season and played well all season in every aspect expect them to go 1-2 or 2-3 over the next 3 games holding off the Football Team, Lions and others from the #1 seed.

2. Washington Football Team -The football team has been a surprise in season 1 showing what they can do with a mediocre squad. They let a few games get away along with a couple bad losses, so they need to be more consistent down the stretch if they’d like to achieve the goals they set during training camp. They are currently at the 2 seed but with the Falcons, Cowboys, Lions and Buccaneers remaining schedule somebody will drop a game while the Football Team should finish 3-0.

3. Lions- The Lions have been one of the more consistent teams this season as expected and with the Vikings loss against the Buccaneers they are sitting in the drivers seat. They have 3 tough opponents left with the Titans, Bucs and Vikes where they could easily go 0-3 but that would be highly unlikely. They have the h2h tiebreaker over the Football Team at the moment but this 3 game stretch could cause some problems making them drop a game or two so they’ll end up settling for the 3 seed.

4. 49ers- This team has underperformed and should do some serious soul searching in the offseason but they’ll still be representing the NFC West in the playoffs. With a big win over the Football Team last week they are in good shape as long as they win the week 17 matchup vs Seattle.

5. Cowboys- Americas team started out as hot as anybody this season but has leveled off over time. When locked in they can be a very dangerous squad and give anybody fits. They are currently tied with the Football Team for the division lead but with the 49ers, Eagles and Giants left they could drop a game and find themselves looking for a wildcard spot.

6. Falcons – Coming off a tough week 14 loss to the Chargers puts them in a tough spot where they could possibly miss the playoffs with them facing the Bucs 2 times in the next 3 weeks. The falcons coach is a experienced guy who has been in big games with playoff implications before so he should handle business by winning 2/3 and securing a spot.

7. Bears- After starting the season 2-4 the Bears have caught fire and won 5 of their last 7 and have themselves right in the mix at 7-6. They’ve had some key division wins that will help their hopes if we have a potential tie-breaker. The fight for the final wildcard spot is close and the decision was difficult but with the more favorable schedule over the Vikings and Giants the Bears are the best bet.