4th QTR PML Storylines You Should Know

AFC South – It looks like the AFC South is the toughest division in the PML. They have two teams with double digit victories, and it also looks like the division may be able to send three teams into the playoffs.

Titans – Speaking of the AFC South, the Titans are 10 and 3. This is the first time Bubba has been away from hisBills and it looks as though the departure has done well for him. He’s turning the Titans into a top team in PML.

Dolphins – Sitting at 10-3 in one of the toughest divisions in PML can be seen as somewhat of a surprise. The Jets with no active coach at the moment probably has something to do with that, but even with that being said its still an accomplishment to win double digit games for the lowest rated team at the start of the cycle.

Chargers – Another surprise team is the Chargers, lead by rookie head coach HypeMike. With a 12-1 record and wins over some PML main stays it looks like the Hype around the new Mike is real.

Cowboys – CEO and his Cowboys have been under the radar and winning games. They currently sit at 9-4 and are leading the NFC East division. Many have said that this game is built for CEO and his style of offense. We will see if he is able to kick into another gear for a Super Bowl run.

Giants – Que and his Giants started off slow but have battled back and now sit at a 8-5 record. He is proving that even though he had a great team last year he is still a quality coach with the ability to turn a dumpster team around. Not many people believed he would be able to do that.

NFC West – Not much of a surprise, but the NFC West continues to be one of the under performing divisions in PML. But don’t let the records fool you. All four of these teams have played the league close and just have come up on the short side of the stick. Look for the NFC West to still challenge someone in their one playoff game. Who knows, they may even get an upset.

AFC North – Browns – HD continues to show he is the best Browns Browning coach ever.
Ravens – Bacon has been up and down with his ravens… literally can beat anyone, or lose to anyone…
Steelers – Drama has lived up to his name in more ways than one

Lions – Cookieboy continues to do Cookieboy things. The lowly rated Lions are looking like they will be able to get to double digit wins and a division championship is not out of the question either. Look for the Lions to make some noise in the playoffs.

Vikings – The Vikings have been a big disappointment this season only having a 7-6 record. Many thought the Zstar would take this team and turn them into a standout organization in season 1, but that has not been the case. The Viking still have a shot at making the playoffs and if they get in never count out out Z.

Buccs – D Lloyd has pounded the NFC amassing a record of 11 and 2. By taking care of the ball and creating turnovers through interceptions the Lloyd’s team is definitely primed and ready to go for the playoff run. What will he do in season 2 when Tom Brady retires? We shall see…

Quick takes:

Under the radar teams to keep you eye on: Colts (PappaGrennie) Bears (LqNoble) Falcons (AntDawg)
Texans – Is Fallen falling back into the pack?
Raiders – Cammy is back to his winning ways and has an outside shot of making the playoffs
Colts – If the Colts make it into the tournament they will give whoever they play hell
Football Team – T bandit must correct the ship before he messes around and misses out on the playoffs
Packers – moved on from Aaron Rodgers quicker than we could’ve imagined. Will this decision bear fruit in season two.
AntDawg and the Falcons – What can we expect from them in the playoffs? We will see.

Who is Cornell?