Keanu Neal Leads the Dolphins Defense

Keanu Neal knew the PML Atlanta Falcons would not be able to pay him as he entered his contract year. After being benched and sitting out the first quarter of the season Neal’s agent reached out to the young and upcoming Dolphins to see if there was a potential fit.

New Head Coach King Mike Flores quickly jumped on the opportunity to bring in the versatile hard hitting safety. Although some have questioned the speed of Neal, no one denies he packs a punch when hitting the opposing team. As soon as Neal arrived in Miami an instance change of defensive attitude arrive as well.

The PML Dolphins already had a top 10 defense, but the arrival of Neal has shot them up to #1. By staying sound to their concepts and leaning on each other as a unit the Dolphins have locked up opposing offenses in a year that has had huge offense performances throughout the league.

Neals stats in the 6 games in Miami: 33 tackles, 3 TFLs, 2 interceptions, 5 deflections and 2 defensive TDs

We will see if Neal makes a difference as the Dolphins finish up their season with 3 tough opponents. One of them being the undefeated Patriots.