Derrick Henry is the King of PML

As the season comes to a close and we look at the MVP race we see a couple names at the top, Austin Ekeler the rushing TD leader, Johnathon Taylor the rushing yard leader, Deshaun Watson passing TD leader, and of course Derrick Henry. Henry isnt leading in any top statistics, but I say we take a closer look at what an MVP is. When you look at these other teams you see offenses loaded with weapons like top receivers Keenan Allen and Will Fuller, but also guys like Hunter Henry, Brandin Cooks and Marquise Goodwin, or TY Hilton and Paris Campbell. Then we look at the Titans. the offense has been banged up and struggled all season besides one man. Derrick Henry. I would say that no one player means more to a team than Derrick Henry means to this Tennessee Titans team. Lets roll back some tape on the NFL’s best RB

This might be PMLs best run of the year as Henry throws Fuller into the dirt and then goes untouched into the endzone, this is just one of many Henry stiff arm which has become his signature move. When King Henry gets going and is into the zone, no one can bring him down by themselves.

Here’s Derrick Henry, coming through in the clutch on a huge 4th down for 60 yards and a TD. The other team doesn’t want any smoke when they see 22 coming downhill.

Henry leads the league by a wide margin in Broken tackles with 67 at the moment, he is 2nd to only Taylor in Rushing yards and 3rd in rushing TDs to only Ekeler and Saquon. With the Playoffs quickly approaching we will see how far Derrick Henry can lead the Titans in a very tough AFC. If he plays like he has all season long, its going to be a hard task to try and slow him down especially with Titans #1 WR AJ Brown coming back for the playoffs.