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Week 10: Turnovers Galore













Fresh off of the bye week, the Eagles faced off against the New York Giants and the result ended up the same as most of their other games this season. Coach Skellington has been preaching protecting the ball all season and the team continues to do the same exact thing every single game. This game started off with an interception and ended with an interception. The turnovers led to a minus 2 differential and ultimately led to a win of 30-19 for the New York Giants. 

Carson Wentz is top 5 in interceptions thrown on the season and for some reason can’t stop with the interceptions, no matter how much he is scolded. He makes what should be the easiest of reads into turnovers. His first turnover of the game came early as he tried to force a pass to Ertz on a screen play that was designed to go to Sanders. Wentz would end up with three interceptions on the day, however he did throw for over 300 yards. Jackson continues to be his favorite target, as the crafty veteran etched out another 100 yard game. Sanders only ran the ball 10 times, compared to Wentz throwing 41 times. If you look at the wins and losses for the Eagles, you will see that if Sanders is not given a chance to run then the final score is usually a loss.

The defense gave up 30 points this  game, making it 6 out of 9 games on the season that they have given up that or more points. It’s no wonder why the Eagles are losing. Turnovers, and a defense that can’t stop anyone will never be a recipe for success. The Giants offensive line is terrible and the sheer fact that they were able to bully the defensive line in the run game shows wonders. This team is giving up on defense and it is a huge concern that the coaching staff needs to address.

With this loss, all alone in the NFC East basement, the Eagles can almost kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. Mathematically, they are still in the running, however with the way this team is playing, it would take nothing short of a miracle in order for them to come back. Coach Skellington has been known to take an under performing team to the playoffs, so in just a few weeks time we will see if he can do that again. Up next, the Eagles take on the surging Browns and will look to finally right the ship.