Chicago Bears Post-Game Report

The Bears came into Week 12 at 5-5, they needed this victory against the division rival. This game was against the Green Bay Packers, the sworn rivals of the Monsters of the Midway. The game plan going into this game was to force Jordan Love to beat them. The Bears’ defensive plan was to crowd the box and give off different looks to the rookie coach on the opposing sideline. Offensively the Bears are still struggling to find their identity having recently switched starting quarterbacks the bears are trying to make the offense so simple you can input a High School freshman. 

The Packers game plan appeared to feature a lot of Aaron Jones on the ground and trying to make life simple for the young Jordan Love. Many Bears players were confused to see Jordan Love starting over Aaron Rodgers. However, the defensive game plan was to mix up cover 3 and cover 1 and it was very simple yet it worked for the majority of the game.

The Bears and Packers both started off the game with home run plays to star receivers, but as the game progressed the Bears continued to shoot themselves in the foot with bad reads and poor play-calling on the offensive side of the ball, however, the defense as always comes through for this team. Nick Foles threw a pick-six to put the Packers back in the game and put the Bears in a very similar situation to what they have faced all season. Backs against the wall and the offense needed a score… bad, but this time the coach had to come with a different gameplan in the second half.

Insert Tarik Cohen and Codarelle Patterson. The one-two punch of these two backs made it look like a varsity squad against the freshman team at a brand new school. They were running wild, whether it was returning punts, catching passes out the backfield, and of course, taking handoffs from BDN. These guys made it easier for Nick Foles and the Allen Robinson connection to shine brighter. Which led to a stat line of 23 for 32, 4 TDs for Nick Foles, and 6 for 165 with 3 TDs for Allen Robinson. You must agree that Allen Robinson is playing at an all-pro level this year. 

The Green Bay Packers offense scored a total of 14 offensive points and had 190 yards of total offense and was absolutely smothered throughout the whole game. You have to go accredit most of the success to Khalil Mack who had 3 sacks in this game and Roquan Smith with a pick.

Next week the Bears play the division leader in the Detroit Lions and big-time game not only for the playoff race but also the division race. The Bears will have to be consistent enough through the whole game for the Bears to have a fighting chance to win this game.