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Week 8: Another 4th Quarter Loss

With the bye week next week, the Eagles came into week 8 looking to finish the first half of their season on a strong note. Their opponent, the Dallas Cowboys were looking to continue their dominant season. This game can only be described as the game where both defenses stayed at home until the last minute. The game was an offensive explosion, but ironically it came down to one final drive where all the Cowboys needed was one stop. With Wentz and company driving in their territory the Cowboys did all they could to seal the game. On back to back throws, Wentz hit his receiver in the endzone only to have both of the passes fall incomplete. The first throw was dropped by Goodwin and the second was caught but Ertz couldn’t get his feet in bounds. That play is all that was needed to show how the Eagles season has played out. Ertz, all alone in the end zone couldn’t find a way to score a touchdown and the Eagles still can’t find a way to close out a game in the fourth quarter. This has led to an abysmal 2-5-1 record going into their bye.

Wentz and company played amazing this game, except for the last drive where they couldn’t close out the game. Wentz threw the ball well, for over 400 yards with no interceptions. He was able to get 5 different receivers the ball, with no one catching less than 3 receptions. Rookie wide receiver Reagor was the breakout star in this game, securing 9 catches for 182 yards and a touchdown. Sanders once again couldn’t eclipse 100 yards as the Eagles rushing attack continues to disappoint this season. The highly touted  offensive line continues to disappoint, giving up another 5 sack game, bringing their sacks given up  to second in the league.

This  saying seems to be a deju vu each week, however, the Eagles defense once again played terribly, allowing the Cowboys to do whatever they wanted. Dak and company methodically marched down the field with solid drives as well as airing it out in one play touchdowns. The defense had no answer for this onslaught until the end of the game. The defense made a stop at the end of the game, giving their offense a chance to win, however, it was too little too late.

With the bye week next week, the Eagles go into it at a 2-5-1 record which is currently last in the NFC East. The Eagles at this moment would have the 12th pick in the upcoming draft and for a team that is highly rated it is very disappointing. Coming into this season, the Eagles had high aspirations for their season but with only 8 games left it will be a very difficult task for them to make the playoffs.  The Eagles face the Giants after the bye, and will have two weeks to prepare for the second half of their season.


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