PML Coaching Carousel – Madden 21 Greener on the other side?

It’s week 10 in the inaugural season of the Premier Madden League on Madden 21 and we are officially at the midway point of the regular season. All the teams have played at least 8 games and the coast is beginning to come clear concerning which teams will dock into the post season tournament, and which teams will run aground in the shallow waters of their 16 game schedule. At this time I’d like to focus in on the status of the new comers to the PML. After a solid run in Madden 20, the PML family saw the dismissal of several familiar faces from among our coaching ranks. As we take a brief moment of silence we’ll take a second to recognize a few of our fallen soldiers from last cycle.

M19 Coaches – Tier A – Jose: Detroit Lions, Curt: Oakland Raiders. Tier B – WhoisDez – New England Patriots, DoloKing – Baltimore Ravens. Tier C – NFLrT – Dallas Cowboys, Chums: Jacksonville Jaguars, Tier D – JacobJr: Green Bay Packers, Boobie: Los Angeles Rams

As with any carousel, the exiting of one group, gives way to a new batch of thrill seekers, and for PML the batch of fresh meat we received this cycle came in highly touted and eager to make a splash. Unfortunately the reality of life in the ocean of sharks that PML has become doesn’t allow much room for tuna and mackerel to have a Finding Nemo life. So let’s take a look 10 weeks in and see what the PML has made of the newcomers.

Green Bay Packers – UncleSamsReject – Record: 1-8. 9 games in and it hasn’t been a good run for Uncle Sam. This guy came in poised to make a splash both with his gameplay and his content production but so far both have failed to make any waves. With a good following on Youtube and a long standing series with offline franchises in NCAA 14, Madden, and NCAA 10, Uncle Sam’s subpar showing thus far halted any potential PML series after just two episodes. Maybe we haven’t seen the best of Uncle Sam, or perhaps maybe the heat in this kitchen is too hot for this Uncle to BBQ in.

Los Angeles Rams – 9xRazzChamp – Record: 0-8-1. As his name suggest this coach is a successful professional gambler, but perhaps he didn’t calculate his chances of success coming into the PML. Added to this cycles D tier division, these first 10 weeks haven’t been kind to the champ. Hasn’t made much of a showing in terms of content, although he’s active in the chat. Hopefully we’ve only seen his poker face thus far, if not this’ll be one table where he is forced to fold his cards.

San Francisco 49ers – ZadMoneyMane – Record: 2-7. Rapping, Podcasting, growing marijuana are all things this guy does well, Madden eh not so much. Has struggled thus far but it is still very early in the Madden 21 cycle. Definitely seems like a guy who has the desire to level up his game, but hasn’t yet shown that he has the competitive juices to stand the force of the PML chat trash talk. Another guy who has yet to produce a lick of content, and without adding that to his repertoire, the guy who once tried to get us to call him Zaddy may find himself back on the BLVD, talking with his homies.

New Orleans Saints – Cornell – Record: 2-7. Who is this guy? 10 weeks in and nobody knows. What we do know is that he’s not playing to the level we expected from him, coming into the league as a branch off the Mole tree. Stuck in a subpar division, that is the level of play that we’ve seen from Cornell thus far. Another no content producer, quiet contributor in the chat, and I haven’t heard anything in terms of entertainment coming from his streams. Maybe it’s just early, maybe he’s just not cut out for the PML life. Until he shows us something more, Cornell will remain a mystery until he’s history.

Indianapolis Colts – PapaGreeny – Record: 4-5. Sim scores haven’t taken their toll on the PML newcomers yet, but the day of reckoning is soon to come for the Green Papa and his shallow play calling selections. He made a splash in the PML preseason tourney, but as weeks of game field has been able to be compiled it has been to the detriment of this coach who is on a 2 game losing streak. Of his 4 wins two have been against high level competition in the Browns coached by HD in week 5 and the Lions coached by CookieBoy in week 8. Standing 3rd in his division and 4 games out of the final playoff spot in the AFC, there’s still time for Papa to get it together or else there will be no Green to go come playoff time.

Jacksonville Jaguars – ChefScoopa – Record 3-6. Can you smell what the chef is cooking? Smells like L’s. Chef has steadily been delivering content with his weekly game review entries from the Jacksonville Gazette, in addition to a pretty entertaining live stream. Not much was known or expected from this coach coming into this first season, and with a difficult roster to start out with not many can say they haven’t seen some bright spots thus far. If the chef commits adding film study, limiting turnovers, and continued content into his list of ingredients there may be a winning season in his future. If not, starving in the basement of the AFC South may be what’s on the menu for the duration of this Madden cycle.

Los Angeles Chargers – HypeMike – Record 9-0. Hype is Mike, and Mike has lived up to the hype. Quickly this newcomer has made a name for himself bursting onto the PML scene like a boss is supposed. Undefeated up to this point, Mike has some quality wins notched onto his belt thus far. His week 6 blowout of the Official Mole, who came into PML poised to prove that his Madden 20 run of 2 championships in 3 undefeated regular seasons with the Chicago Bears wasn’t a fluke, was a shame that buried the Mole into a hole so deep he had to leave the league. He followed that moment up with a win against another A Tier coach, defeating the original Mike, King Mike in week 7. Not holding his cupcake division against him, HypeMike has definitely shown that he has what it takes to swim with the big fish. Not knowing how long his win streak will continue, one thing for sure is that Mike needs to get hype about contributing some content, or he’ll find out quick that the gap between him and his competition at the top will close very quickly.

Well there you have it. 10 weeks in and very soon we will be able to decide if the grass is truly greener on the otherside. How has the new talent fared compared to the guys they were brought in to replace? Have we seen an improvement in the quality of content and competition vs last year? Or is there a need to reach back into the past and pull into Madden 21 a deserving coach or two that was left behind? Stay tuned and those answers and more will be answered as the cycle progresses. Salute to all the PML family, followers, and spectators. This is your main man Dramaman, Gaming While Black, I’ll holla at y’all.


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