Premier madden league first round picks #1-16 grades part one

Last time I talked about rookies, it was to talk about who were the stars of the class and who were the busts. Now that we are halfway through the year of PML and a lot has happened or changed. I want to dive in on all of the rookies that were selected in the first round of the 2020 draft. I’m going to give my personal grade on these rookies with how they are used and what kind of statistics they are putting up.

Pick #1 Joe Burrow QB – Cincinnati Bengals: F

F F F F. There’s no other grade suitable for Joe Burrow. He’s been a massive disappointment to this Bengals team and a massive disappointment to the PML fanbase who were excited to watch him tear it up this year. For someone who is the #1 pick you’d expect them to show out but currently he is ranked one of THE WORST quarterbacks in PML. Currently speaking he is ranked #29th in yards, has 30 interceptions, and has thrown for only 15 touchdowns! Not only that he has the worst completion percentage rating out of all the quarter backs in the league with a whopping 51.6. It’s not like he’s getting pressured a lot behind that horrible bengals o line, the guy has only been sacked 10 times! With all those pieces on offense for him to use he should be in top rankings of quarterback currently. I’m not sure if it’s the Bengals coach who ruined him, or he just never had the talent to begin with but Joe Burrow is a FAILURE!

Pick #2 Chase Young DE – Washington Redskins: A

Chase young aka the freak of nature gets an A grade from me. He has all the tools to be one of the best pass rushers this NFL has ever seen and he is showing it off. He’s the perfect fit to complete the already stacked Redskins d line and the stats can prove it. Currently this young rookie is 13th in the league in sacks with 6 sacks and has two forced fumbles to add onto it. The redskins really got a stud with this pick and they should feel blessed to have him on their roster because he will be causing havoc on the whole NFC for years to come.

Pick #3 Jeff Okudah CB – Detroit Lions: A+

The Detroit Lions brought this man Jeff Okudah in to replace their former star corner back Darius Slay and a lot of people didn’t know if he could fill the shoes the Slay left. Well those people were wrong because Jeff Okudah is showing that he’s not only as good as Darius Slay, but that he can be better than him. This young kid is causing a storm in the secondary and making himself feared by quarterbacks to throw towards his direction. He currently has 6 interceptions which is tied for 10th in the league, returning two of those ints for touchdowns. Okudah is everything the Lions hoped for when they drafted him, bringing immediate impact to their defense and helping them on their journey for their long sought superbowl win and for that I give this pick an A+

Pick #4 Andrew Thomas OT – New York Giants: B-

The Giants desperately needed a big man on the offense line to protect Daniel Jones blindside and they got that with their #4 pick choosing Andrew Thomas. They didn’t give Thomas no time to get used to the NFL and threw him into the starting lineup at week 1 and since then he’s shown that he can be used as a starter in the NFL. He’s played over 494 snaps and has allowed 3 sacks during that time. I think the Giants got what they wanted out of this pick in a big man, I just think time is too early to tell how he is going to be in the future and that’s why I give him a B- for now.

Pick #5 Tua Tagovailoa QB – Miami Dolphins: A

At number 5, we got the man that we all thought was going to go number 1 in the 2020 draft Tua Tagovailoa. This man has stepped up big for the Miami Dolphins and although he’s only ranked 19th in yards for them, he has brought a lot of explosiveness to their offense. He’s currently thrown for 2318 yards with a total of 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions which is a pretty good touchdown/interception ratio for the PML. He’s been able to move the ball around on a offense that lacks a lot of star power and I can’t wait to see how he progresses in years to come. If Miami want’s a shot at knocking the Patriots off of their AFC East throne Tua Tagovailoa is going to be the man that helps them do it.

Pick #6 Justin Herbert QB – Los Angeles Chargers: A+

I don’t believe there is a better rookie in this draft other than Justin Herbert. This man just oozes superstar power and is currently dominating this league while leading his team to a undefeated record at 9-0. He’s currently second in yards but don’t let that fool you, there’s currently no better quarterback in this league other than Justin Herbert and the stats prove it. He has a whopping 3394 yards and has an amazing touchdown to interception ration with 23 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. Not only that he has the best QBR and completion percentage rating in the entire PML league with 137.9 and 77.7%. Justin Herbert will rule the AFC for the rest of PML and I would bet all my money on that.

Pick #7 Derrick Brown DT – Carolina Panthers: C

For someone who got picked in the top 10 of the draft, Derrick Brown hasn’t really been living up to the expectations of the Panthers organization. He was brought in to create chaos towards all the elite quarterbacks in his division but he’s failed to do that only getting one sack the entire year. Now I know he’s missed a few games due to injury but that’s even more of a reason why he isn’t living up to this teams expectations. The best ability is availability and you can’t be available if you are getting hurt this quick into your career. That’s why I give this pick a C and I hope he ends up proving me wrong because the Panthers desperately need another IT factor on defense.

Pick #8 Isaiah Simmons LB/S – Arizona Cardinals: B+

This hybrid safety is everything a team could want when they are looking for a rookie to draft. I mean he is just an athletic freak who can really play almost any position on defense and still do his role great. He’s brought the Cardinals 4 interceptions on defense which he returned one of those for touchdowns and has been all over the field making key tackles for this team. Isaiah Simmons is going to be a major key component in this teams rebuild back to the playoffs and once they are finally there I think this kid will lead this defense and show everyone in the league that he is not someone to mess with.

Pick #9 C.J. Henderson CB – Jacksonville Jaguars: C+

The Jaguars needed a star cornerback to add to their depleting defense after deciding they needed to rebuild their team again and although I wouldn’t say they got a superstar but they definitely got someone who can start instantly and make some plays. C.J Henderson only has one interception unlike other rookie cornerbacks but that one interception was taken back for a touchdown against the Greenbay Packers in week 10. It might’ve taken him half the season to finally get his first career interception but it seems like he is finally molding into his shell and getting more comfortable at the pro level. I think he will be a solid starter for this team but not the superstar that they were hoping for.

Pick #10 Jedrick Willis OT – Cleveland Browns: C-

The Browns desperately needed to get someone to protect Bakers blindside but unfortunately it’s starting to look like they picked the wrong player to do that job. I know it’s hard to be thrown into the starting job at left tackle but Jedrick Wills has looked like he’s been struggling out there allowing 6 sacks already in 9 games played. That’s not something you want to see out of your starting LT especially when you spent a pick so high on him. Hopefully he gets over his slump and hits the weight room to get stronger or else Baker Mayfield is going to feel a bunch more pain in the backfield from sacks.

Pick #11 Mekhi Becton OT – New York Jets: B-

With the 11th pick, the third tackle taken in the draft is Mekhi Becton and he has for sure been living up to New Yorks expectations. He might’ve allowed 3 sacks already on the year but he’s the brightest star on a disgusting looking oline and without him Darnold would be feeling the pain much much more every week. I believe this kid will be a superstar tackle with the right coaching.

Pick #12 Henry Rugs III WR – Las Vegas Raiders: A-

They say speed kills and boy they are not wrong. Henry Ruggs was a much needed addition to this lackluster offense that the Raiders had and has had immediate impact on the field. Currently leading all the other rookie receivers in the draft in yards Henry Ruggs has a stellar 620 yards for 9 touchdowns! The kid is a monster waiting to be unleashed and is going to be scary for years to come. The only reason why this pick is an A- and not an A+ is because Ruggs lacks the ability to get off the line quickly if he is pressed by a superior cornerback. Once he’s able to fix that it’s showtime for the league.

Pick #13 Tristan Wirfs OT – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A

Tristan Wirfs is by far the best tackle in this draft so far and I bet all the other teams who chose tackle regret not picking him. Old man Brady demanded that the Buccaneers got protected for his blindside and oh boy did they come in clutch. Tristan Wirfs has only allowed ONE SACK in 10 games. That’s better than a lot of the veteran starting left tackles in the league today. Tristan Wirfs will be an all pro soon, it might not be this year but certainly next year if anything.

Pick #14 Javon Kinlaw DT – San Francisco 49ers: C-

Another disappointing defensive line pick in this draft. Some can say it’s because he’s been injured a bit and that’s why he can’t show his true potential and others will say he just never had that potential. For me I just look at the stats because they never lie and only having 1 sack in 10 games while playing around an already stacked defensive line is just sad to see. The 49ers defensive line coach is going to have to find a way to make this kid into a star or else he’ll be just another regular role player that shouldn’t of been picked this early.

Pick #15 Jerry Jeudy Wr – Denver Broncos: C

When the Broncos selected Jerry Jeudy, they expected the best wide out in the draft to make immediate plays and to be a game changer for this offense. Instead Jerry Jeudy is yet to find his stride having the lowest amount of yards and almost touchdowns out of all the first round wide receivers selected in the first round. He’s shown some flashes of greatness in some plays and in others he just looks like a regular wide receiver who isn’t cut out to be a number one. I give this pick a C because Jeudy has so much potential yet he’s not showing it out there on the field.

Pick #16 A.J. Terrell CB – Atlanta Falcons: A

Although the Falcons lost Desmond Trufant, they picked up a young stud in the middle round of the drafts in A.J. Terrell. Terrell is definitely the second best cornerback in the draft ranking 22th (tied) in the league for interceptions with 5. Now he hasn’t returned any of those for touchdowns but he’s able to show to the league that you better think twice before throwing on him. This kid has a lot of talent and with the right defensive coach which he has so far he will become a household name for this Falcons defense