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Week 7: Momentum Is Real!

How is this an interception?

After getting utterly demolished last week, the Eagles had a players only meeting and came into week sevens game against the New York Giants feeling better about themselves. The Eagles mentality for this week was, with a win versus their divisional opponent will put them in a good spot to go on a run. As the game started out, the Eagles put on a spectacular offensive performance scoring touchdowns on multiple drives resulting in a  big lead going into the third quarter. A string of bad plays and fumbles swung the momentum of the game entirely from the Eagles to the Giants. After a holding call that brought a touchdown back and ended a drive, the Eagles would get the ball back only to fumble on the punt return in a play that could be described as lazy. Three Eagle players stood by,  while a Giant player picked up the ball and ran for a touchdown. On the ensuing drive, Carson Wentz would step up in the pocket, only to be sacked and fumble the ball, with the recovery coming from the Giants. This was another example of a lazy play as three Eagles lineman gave terrible attempts at picking up the ball. Each player tried and whiffed at a ball that was right under them. The Giants would take advantage of the turnovers and take a lead that they would never lose. To add insult to injury, near the end of the game, Wentz threw a pass to an open Goodwin, only to have a Giant corner swoop in and make a one foot in bounds interception. Normally, this play would be overturned but as with everything else in this final quarter it didn’t go the Eagles way and they ended up losing again. 

Three Eagles Cant Locate The Ball

Carson Wentz played like a man possessed the first three quarters and like a man who wants to lose his job as a starter in the final quarter. In the first three quarters, Wentz was on a roll throwing three touchdowns, however in the fourth quarter he threw three interceptions trying to make up for the fumbles. His turnovers directly impacted a game that the Eagles had control of until the end. Wentz targets 5 different players, with four of them having four catches or more. Goodwin continues to be the deep threat for the Eagles as he recorded another 100 plus yard game.

Eagles Players Taking A Break

The Eagles defense played well early on but after the string of bad luck couldn’t continue their outstanding play. They let Daniel Jones carve them up for a tune of 417 yards and 4 touchdowns. They were able to hold Barkley for under 100 yards but that didn’t matter as the Giants had no reason to run. In terms of offensive versus defensive line, the Eagles hold the edge on both, however, in this game you wouldn’t be able to tell. Cox and company only sacked Jones three times, when in reality it should have been a lot more.  This unit continues to under-perform and they are the main reason why the Eagles keep losing. 

The Eagles, now sitting at 2-4-1 are on their way to being kicked out of the playoffs. The defense once again couldn’t stop a nosebleed and the offense and special teams turned the ball over. This team can’t seem to ever play a complete game and it is showing. If this team doesn’t do something fast, they will see themselves playing a lot of meaningless games later in the season. Next up for the Eagles is the Dallas Cowboys, who look to regain first place of the division. It’s now or never for the Eagles and with a win versus the Cowboys they can show everyone they are still here to compete. 


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