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Week 6: Bird Beat down

The Battle of the Birds ended with the Eagles wounded and left for dead. The Ravens offense has a lot of fire power and a lot of speed. Going into the game the Eagles felt that their defense could contain Lamar Jackson and their superstar corner Slay would put a stop to speedster wide receiver Brown’s streaks. This was not the case, as Brown torched the defense, including an uncontested streak where no one was near him. The Eagles offense which has kept them in most games this season, was nowhere to be seen. Carson Wentz has been an interception machine all season and this game was no different. Wentz was not on the same page as his receivers as from start to finish all he did was throw interceptions. With both offense and defense performing poorly, it was no wonder why the game ended in a 42-3 Raven blowout.

Interception (2)

Interception (3)
Carson Wentz is supposed to be winning the Eagles games, however for most of the season he is losing games. Wentz threw 5 interceptions in this game, bringing his total interception count to 17 which is good for 7th in the league. Wentz threw for a poultry 185 yards with Ertz finally getting some catches this season. The Ravens defensive backs were all over the Eagle receivers, keeping up with them  step for step. Fans in the audience were astounded to see the speed of the Eagles receivers being matched. Miles Sanders, who has been so good this season had his worst day this season, rushing for only 16 yards. He couldn’t make any move in the receiving game as his day ended on the negative side. 

Interception (4)
Interception (5)

The Eagle defense has been terrible this season. They can’t make a stop to save their lives.  Lamar Jackson had his way with this defense. He ran the ball and passed the ball whenever he wanted. The passing defense has been the better of the two this season, but Jackson torched them for almost 400 yards and 6 touchdowns. With superstars on the defensive line and secondary, the defense should be able to make some stops. The superstars, Fletcher and Slay continue to be non factors throughout the game. The defense will need someone to step up if they want to win this season, but who knows who that will be. 

Simply put, the Eagles suck this season. Looking at the schedule, they could easily be in the top 10 of the draft at the end of the season. Wentz is supposed to be the leader of the offense and rumors have it that the rookie backup Hurts might be called in if the interceptions continue. If Hurts does come in at any point in this season, we expect him to remain the starter until the end of the season. Hurts could interject this offense with some life as his style of play suits more to the rpo and short passing game. The rest of the offense might want to follow that style of offense as the current scheme is just not working. Only time will tell if Hurts comes in for Wentz but as we all know Eagles fans are not patient and another game like this, they will be calling for Wentz’s head. 


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