Week 2: A Come From Behind Tie…

All week long Coach Skellington has stressed the importance of winning the turnover battle with his team. In the locker room, the most important  thing  that the Eagles focused on was turnovers and to not repeat the same mistakes as week one. Week two brings on the Eagles home opener where they came out flat against a Rams team that was demolished in week one. The Rams seemed destined to not make the same mistakes as week one, playing a game of runs, short passes and chewing the clock. The philosophy that was stressed all week  by coach Skellington was thrown out the window on the very first drive as quarterback Wentz threw a ugly interception straight to a Rams linebacker. Wentz would then go on to  throw two more interceptions before the third quarter to dig the Eagles in a hole that most wouldn’t be able to dig out of. The Eagles took back control of the game after a long Goodwin touchdown. After the touchdown, the Eagles defense locked down Goff and company to finally over take them 20 -17 late in the fourth quarter. The Rams would go down and score three to take the game into overtime, only to have both teams waste possessions and have the game end in a tie. The Eagles turned a ugly for sure loss into a somewhat positive tie which may come back to help or haunt them at the end of the season.

Wentz and company played terribly for 3 straight quarters then kicked it into high gear for the late third and fourth quarters. Wentz threw 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions with the final interception on the last play of the game in overtime. His wide receiver Goodwin was open deep however,  Wentz under threw him costing the Eagles the win. Running back Sanders was once again Wentz’s favorite target hauling in 6 catches while Goodwin and Ertz were on the receiving end of touchdowns. This marks the second week in a row  that the Eagles run game couldn’t muster anything. If this trend continues it will be a long day for Wentz and his offensive line which currently leads the league in sacks given up. 

The Eagles defense played well enough for the offense to make a comeback and tie the game. After being put in a position where they had to forgo their original strategy, the defense played into what the Rams offense was trying to do. Late in the game after seeing multiple third downs being converted on runs and short passes the Eagles defense locked it down. The special teams made the play of the game, stopping  the Rams fake punt on 4th down in overtime. By stopping that punt, they put their offense in a good position to win. Defensive tackle Cox and defensive end Graham both had 1.5 sacks a piece and led the defense in most of their stops all day. After not being able to make a stop in Washington week one, the Eagles defense showed up only for the offense to let them down.

The Eagles, currently sitting at 0-1-1 and at the bottom of their division face off against the Bengals in week 3. They will face a Bengal team who will be looking to avenge a 0-2 start. Which team will finally get their first win? Most likely it will be the team with the least turnovers and whoever had the best speedster between Ross and Goodwin.