Las Vegas Raiders quarterly season report

The Las Vegas Raiders have started out a strong campaign in the first season of PML, a lot of people have had their doubts about this team even winning a game this early in the season but the raiders have prevailed and ended up going 3-1! Today we are going to deep dive into the statistics, game review, the future of this organization, and upcoming opponents on the schedule for the raiders


As it stand for right now, the Las Vegas Raiders are currently 22nd in offensive yards, 23rd in defensive Yards, 15th in points scored, and 19th in points allowed. Looking at these rankings you would think the Raiders are a pretty mediocre team that has scraped their way into a 3-1 record, but the rankings don’t do justice for how this team is playing on both sides of the ball. The Raiders have a total of 12 take aways in 4 games and a total of 8 giveaways with most of those turnovers only happening in one game against a top tier team in the Patriots. This shows that this team has been able to keep the ball in their possession and make a few amount of mistakes to allow their key players to make big plays. Speaking of key players, the raiders have a good amount of key players on both sides of the ball..

Offensive Key players

Darren Waller – 21 receptions for 347 yards with a total of 4 touchdowns (The Raiders have shown that Darren Waller is their #1 target and will always look first for him)

Henry Ruggs III = 17 receptions for 214 yards with a total of 3 touchdowns (Impressive young rookie who can make the deep ball game come to life)

Lamar Miller – 17 receptions for 171 yards, 33 attempts rushing for 194 yards with a total of 2 touchdowns (This was the 3rd down back that Raiders desperately needed to take the pressure off of Jacobs and mix up playcalling)

Defensive Key Players

Jonathan Abram – 20 Tackles 1 TFL 2 Ints 4 Deflections and 2 Force Fumbles (Theres not much i can say about this guy besides he’s a total ballhawk! The dude is everywhere on the field whether it’ll be for stopping the run, breaking up passes, or just laying the boom with huge hits for fumbles. This man is the key player for the raiders defense)

Damon Arnette Jr – 17 tackles 2 TFL 0 Ints 2 Deflections and 2 Force Fumbles (You don’t hear about many corners who are amazing against the run, generate fumbles, and are good in coverage! This young rookie is a nice addition to this Raiders defense)

Short Game Reviews

Raiders Win 50-42 against the Panthers

This game was a offensive shootout, where the offense was on pace for record breaking numbers while both defenses slacked. It wasn’t till the 2nd half where the raiders defense started to pick up and started forcing key turnovers for them to win the game. The Raiders run defense looked lost this game and was a huge reason why this Panthers team stayed in this game. It wasn’t till after this game where their run defense finally stepped up.

Raiders win 27-24 against the Saints

This game was a very tight and contested game with both sides of the ball playing on their game. The raiders passing game wasn’t getting the job done for them with Derek Carr throwing 0 Tds and 3 Ints but the raiders defense kept them alive this game especially with a huge goaline stop on 4th down by Nick Kwiatkoski with 20 seconds left to seal the Raiders victory putting them at 2-0.

Raiders lose 45-20 against the Patriots

This game was a heart breaker, the Raiders offense started out strong on the first play of their drive to get a touchdown but after that the offense looked like it was coached by a highschool team, not being able to generate any points and putting the defense in a bad position for most of the game. Despite the score, the Raiders defense played really good this game in locking down most of their offense, just wasn’t able to keep up with this dominate Patriots team.

Raiders win 41-30 against the Bills

A lot of people predicted the Raiders to lose against the Bills. I mean this Bills team is one of the top tier teams last year who looks like it’s starting slow this season. The Raiders made sure to make 0 mistakes this game and scoring on every drive they had possession of while having long possessions to run the clock down to give the Bills limited amount of chances to keep up with them. The Raiders defense also had the Bills offense on lock generating 4 turnovers against their team! Was a really great performance from this Raiders team and it shows the fans promise that this team can make it to the playoffs.

Future of this organization

Don’t get me wrong, even with the strong start this team has a lot of holes but also a lot of young players to build off of. I asked Coach Gruden myself what were his plans for the future of this team and he replied with: “This team is in a good place right now man, but lemme’ tell ya something, we aren’t even close to the final destination of where we are supposed to be man. We need to get more playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, players that will generate more pass rush and a better linebacker core to help play the middle of the field for coverage. We also need to add more speed on our defense.. I mean that Tyreke Hill guy.. i just don’t know if we got the speed to cover him yet. On the Offensive side of the ball, we got a stud o line but we need to generate more rushing yards with our backs. We also gotta create more opportunities in the air with these wide receivers.. I believe we got a good group of guys but we still need to upgrade a lot of positions before I can deem us as superbowl contenders”

Upcoming game: Kansas City Chiefs

The 3-1 Las Vegas Raiders take on their division rival the 0-4 Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders know not to take this team as a joke despite their record. The chiefs have a very very high powered offense that can literally generate touchdowns in seconds, and thats not something the raiders want to play around with. The keys for the Raiders to win this game is simple. Generate pressure on Mahomes, create key turnovers on defense, and do what the Raiders have been doing best, create long possession drives on offense to keep the ball in their hands at all time.

Thats all for this week, next week we will be here to go over the Kanas City Chiefs game in detail and also other games around the league!