#2 Seed Lions Bye Week

With the #2 seed locked into place, the Detroit Lions have their second bye week of the year during the first round of the 5th season playoffs. The Lions come in with a regular season record of 13-3, which could have been 14-2 but they decided to rest most starters against the Vikings week 17 to avoid injury as the game ultimately had no influence on the Lions seeding. The Lions have made vast improvements over the years as the team’s overall has skyrocketed under new management. The team’s overall is sitting at 97, while the offense is a 95 and the defense made the ultimate leap to a 99 overall. As the team continued to win, the team kept getting additional moral boosts to their overalls. The Lions offensive is a center point of their team as they create massive wholes for arguable one of the best backs in the league in Ty Johnson and all while give JT “The Commish” Daniels seemingly all day to throw at times. The Oline comes into the Playoffs with an average overall of 89.4 with X-Factor LG Navaughn Donaldson leading the way as a 92 overall. Ty Johnson is the focal point of the offense as an Xfactor RB with 95 speed, but his stats are lower than his average season as he had the luxury of losing carries to the backups as games have been put away early. On defense, the Detroit Lions are absolutely stacked which more than represents their deserved 99 overall status. Although the defense only has one ability on the Dline and does not have the luxury of having close to 100 sacks on the season like other teams, they make up for it in the secondary with 5 ability players. Both starting safeties are over 90 overall and have abilities. The top 3 corners follow suit with overalls of 91, 91, and 88 all while having abilities. Every DB has the sought out ability of Universal Coverage outside of our slot corner. With this ability stacked secondary, the Lions were able to make the move they had been eyeing since their first season under new management. This move was to move FS Jacoby Stevens to ROLB. Stevens comes in with a linebacker body while playing safety at 6’2″ and 227 all while sporting 93 speed and hit power. Stevens accompanies 96 Xfactor Jarad Davis as Lions now have one of the most lethal duo of linebackers. With the absolutely stacked defense, the Lions were able to lead the league in turnovers where they were able to force an insane 56 turnovers through 17 games. The team also comes in at 14th in offensive yards, 9th in defensive yards, 7th in offensive points scored, and 5th in defensive points scored, and sporting the 2nd overall in TO differential. The defensive and offensive statistics can be misleading as the Lions have been playing with leads the majority of the year and having very short fields due to forcing so many turnovers. By the defense forcing so many turnovers, the Lions’ opponents have been forced to play catch up and airing it out deep leading to inflated statistics. With their great regular season behind them the Lions find themselves hosting the Atlanta Falcons in the 2nd round. The Lions and Falcons have a history of going back and forth, and even the -Lions were able to beat the Falcons during the regular season by a score of 27-24, the Falcons are responsible for sending the Lions home packing during the playoffs 2 out of the past 3 season. The Lions are focused on building on their regular season performance against the Falcons. The Falcons are missing their defensive leader in Deion Jones for this match-up and the Lions will look to take advantage. If the Detroit Lions are able to best the Falcons then they will either host the 49ers or get an attempt to avenge one of their regular seasons losses in New York against the Giants. Regardless of next week’s hypothetical opponent, the Lions are focused on dismantling the Atlanta Falcons in-front of them. #GATA

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