A Comeback to Send the Game to Overtime!

The Denver Broncos up and down season continues as they lose a 30-24 heart breaker in overtime to the Bengals. The Broncos fall to 9-5 but they are still in the mix for a playoff berth. The Bengals got off to an early lead and the Broncos play calling went into panic mode. Coach Miles was all about matching the Bengals point for point and Drew Lock had an abysmal performance that really bogged down the Bronco’s ability to score points.

Drew Lock was 19 of 31 passing for 251 yards, one touchdown, and 4 interceptions. Jonathan Taylor rushed 22 times for 165 yards and J.K Dobbins rushed 5 times for 99 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals were up 24-7 at one point in the game, but J.K Dobbins ripped off a 74 yard stretch run to the left side of the field and was untouched all the way to the end zone. The Bronco’s defense were playing from behind all game long up until the end. The Bronco’s really got into the face of the Bengal’s quarterback. Bryce Perkins completed 12 of his 23 attempts for 80 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions. However, the passing game of the Bengals isn’t what hurt the Broncos, it was Joe Mixon.

Mixon rushed 20 times for 176 yards and had 2 touchdowns. He ripped off a 61 yard rush on the first play in overtime where defensive end Dom Peterson had him wrapped up, but Mixon spun out of his tackle and ran straight down the field before being brought down from behind. The Bengal’s coach continued to call Mixon’s number and on 2nd and goal, Mixon was handed the ball and was hit on the 4 yard line but Bronco’s rookie linebacker Cade Stover attempted to wrap him up and instead dragged him into the end zone. Stover was questioned after the game about the tackle. He has the enforcer ability and instead of going for a huge hit on an already stopped Mixon, he instead helped him gain momentum into the end zone.

The Bengal’s offense has a lot of explosive players and the Bronco’s didn’t want to let any of their receivers get behind them. On the first drive of the game, the Bengals tested the Bronco’s deep coverage but Andre Cisco was able to recover down field and intercept Perkins pass. The Broncos defense also sacked Perkins four times. The Bronco’s defense sparked a comeback in the forth quarter when the Bengal’s could have ended the game in regulation. The Broncos second year corner, Kenneth Major is the man who intercepted Perkins in the fourth quarter in the red zone and enabled the Broncos comeback attempt.

Kenneth Major is the Bronco’s fourth corner back and doesn’t see a lot of action unless the Bronco’s are in their 3-2-6 package. In fact, over the past two seasons, he has only registered 15 tackles and 2 interceptions. Major could see more playing time in the future, but for now his role is secure. The Broncos have a very important match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs next week in a game that could knock the loser out of the playoffs.

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