A Upside Down Kind of Game!

The Denver Broncos are on a 2 game losing streak and lost to the Detroit Lions in abysmal fashion. The Broncos let up a career worst 65 points in this game.. Coach Miles was absolutely ashamed of his team. Coaches were seen arguing with the players and players were arguing amongst one another trying to pinpoint the blame for the loss. There were crucial plays in the beginning of the game that set up how the game would unfold. The Broncos seemingly had a run of bad luck and despite a 17 point deficit in the first quarter, they were able to rally back to make the score 17-14, but the game was completely one sided after that.

The Detroit Lions got out to a 10-0 lead and as the Broncos were driving down the field, Drew Lock tried to force a pass to a covered Henry Ruggs III. He had the ball hit his hands and as he was coming down to the ground, Ruggs flipped upside down as the ball landed on the leg of a Detroit defender. In the same breath, a Detroit defensive back picked the ball off of the leg of the defender laying on the ground and ‘intercepted’ it. To add insult to injury, the interceptor ran the ball back for a pick 6. After this play, the Broncos then were able to narrow the gap to 3 points, but the Lions, now up 17-14, were able to run the kickoff back for a touchdown increasing their lead back to 10. Ultimately, the Broncos made mistake after mistake and were never able to recover.

In his first game back, Jonathan Taylor had one of his worst games of the season. He carried the ball 22 times for 90 yards and a touchdown. His longest carry was for 15 yards.. Taylor was one of the players arguing with another on the sideline. Courtland Sutton ran smack dab in the middle of Taylor as he was breaking away from several Detroit defenders. The two players needed to be escorted to opposite sides of the Bronco’s bench after the play. The Broncos lone take away came from putting their best pass rusher in coverage. In what most would see as a boneheaded move, the Broncos were able to capitalize on the throw and forced a turnover, but wouldn’t see much success after.

Von Miller was asked to play a lot of coverage in this game. The Broncos were very familiar with the wildcat and RPO play style of the Lion’s coach and Miller was able to recognize the play and intercept a pass. Miller’s interception was the most impact he’d have all day. He didn’t register a sack in the game for the first time this season. Coach Miles didn’t have much to say after the blowout. “It’s only one game, we will definitely have to improve and that starts next week against the Titans.” Coach Miles was recorded making that statement and he is absolutely right. Just when other teams are getting red hot down the stretch, the Broncos seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

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