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A Record Setting Field Goal!

Brandon Mcmanus nailed a 65 yard field goal and has now set the record for the longest field goal made in NFL History. In 2013, Matt Prater broke the record with a 64 yard field goal that he made. Prater was with the Broncos when he shattered the record. It took 7 years for the record to be broken again and the Broncos still have the pleasure of holding the record with one of their own. Despite shattering a record, the Broncos couldn’t overcome their old ways with turnover after turnover. Their five game winning streak which started with beating the Raiders in week 6 has come to an end at the hands of the Raiders in week 12.

The Raiders started out with the ball and were able to march down the field with relative ease. Despite practicing against huge chunk plays, the Bronco’s defense looked absolutely lost at times. They were blowing their assignments and looked very tired throughout the game. The Raiders drove the ball down to the goal line on their first possession but the Broncos forced them to a 4th and goal. The Raiders ran a sweep to the left side but came up short on the 1 yard line. Coach Miles came out passing but the ball was dropped by J.K Dobbins on the 3 yard line. On 2nd down, the Broncos ran an halfback dive up the middle but there were too many Raider defenders, and J.K Dobbins couldn’t get out of his end zone. The 0-2 deficit really got into the head of Coach Miles because he didn’t stick with the run game which has been so potent this season. Ultimately, the Broncos fell behind and lost 30-14.

The Bronco’s offensive attack looked very pedestrian in this game and time after time they were unable to score points. Drew Lock threw three interceptions and the Broncos gave up a safety. J.K Dobbins only rushed 9 times for 40 yards and Drew Lock scrambled 5 times for 30 yards. Henry Ruggs led the Broncos with 4 receptions for 76 yards. The Broncos game plan was the opposite of how they normally run their offense. They were forced to rely on the passing game and Drew Lock looked unready for that type of play. He was forcing passes to covered receivers when his open players were staring him in the face. It was a horrible game for the Broncos to flop on offense since their defense got absolutely walloped. The Broncos have relied on creating turnovers all season long, but Derek Carr was precise with his throws outside of a few ill-placed throws.

Derek Carr only missed on three throws the entire game. The Raider’s had a very balanced attack that was focused on the run setting up the pass. One of Carr’s incompletions went for an interception where Andre Cisco had the ball in his hands before Ashtyn Davis took the ball out and intercepted it himself. The two safeties really never were able to get on the same page after that play. They were seen arguing on the sidelines and forcing blame especially when Cisco allowed Terry to get over top of him for a huge 30+ yard gain that set up an eventual Raider touchdown.

The Broncos are hosting a Lions team that has only lost twice this season in week 13. They are going to have to bounce back quickly because their lead on their division rivals has been narrowed significantly. The Raiders and the Chargers have 5 losses and the Chiefs have 4 losses, so the Broncos can’t afford any more mistakes or they will be in jeopardy of missing out on the playoffs once again.

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