What EA Should Implement from PML

The Premier Madden League is known for its innovation and creativity in creating an extremely immersive experience for its users. With great ideas constantly flowing in the brilliant minds of the teams and the commissioner, this league has implemented some amazing features that truly make the PML feel league a professional sports league. Teams have to make tough decisions on where to allocate resources in player development and roster management. The scope of the league now goes far beyond what is actually contained within the game and largely functions within the league Discord. There’s a predictions show, weekly team news updates, highlight reels, and so much more content that all help make PML what it is. Many features cannot be replicated and put into Madden, such as content creation, but many of our exclusive features could be used by EA to make a better CFM experience. Today, we are going to take a look at some of those aspects of the Premier Madden League that would enhance the game for all players.

Compensatory Picks

ARLINGTON, TX – APRIL 26: A video board displays the text “THE PICK IS IN” for the Los Angeles Chargers during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium on April 26, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

For those unfamiliar, the NFL has a compensatory pick system that essentially rewards teams who allow players to leave during free agency. This adds freedom to the players to choose where to go, as teams are more likely to allow them to walk than they otherwise would be. The system works as follows: “Teams that have lost more compensatory free agents than they signed in the previous year receive between one and four picks somewhere in the third through seventh rounds. Teams that gain and lose equal numbers of players but lose higher-valued players can also be awarded a single seventh-round pick“(Wikipedia). Since we cannot add more draft picks into the game, PML has our own compensatory picks system. Letting one of your free agents be signed by another team gives you attribute upgrades for any player of your choosing. The better the player you lost, the more attribute upgrades you get. A compensatory pick system would be great in Madden. I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a system within the game, as it isn’t overly complex. Teams seem to sign all of their free-agents, and this would improve the quality of free-agent classes.

Training Camp

The NBA2K series has a training camp system where, at the end of every off-season, you can send a different amount of players (depending on the rating of your coach) to a training camp to improve certain ratings. If you want a player to become a better three-point shooter, you can send them to camp for that. If you want them to become slightly more athletic, you can send them to camp for that. This provides users with another small way to craft their roster exactly the way they want it. PML has created a system where every team can send three players younger than 28 to a training camp to receive small boosts to different groups of attributes. From “Kelvin Benjamin Camp” to “Back to School”, our system has a great level of creativity that has helped teams build their players. Some type of training camp system doesn’t seem to be too far fetched and could be doable for EA to add next year.

Rookie Draft Development Tool

April 28, 2011: Stage is set for the Draft during the 76th NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York. (Cal Sports Media via AP Images)

In PML, our commissioner has created a dynamic tool for rookie development traits. Every draft pick starts out at normal dev and is upgraded after the pre-season based on the following factors:

– The raw skills of the player

– If the player went through a college that is heavily represented in the NFL hall of fame – Where the player was selected in the draft

– The team scheme fit of the player

– If the player was drafted to replace a superstar or star that is 27 or older

– How well the player did in the preseason

– If the player won any college awards

– If the player made any all-American teams

– If the player won a bowl game

– If the player came from a conference that is heavily represented in the NFL hall of fame

– If the player’s college was a top 25 school at the end of the season

– If the player was heavily recruited out of high school.

This tool creates numbers of each development trait type based on a large number of simulated draft classes and assigns traits based on the listed factors. This could be implemented in Madden based upon news stories, but also add in some extra factors listed.


29 August 2013: of the Dallas Cowboys during the Cowboys 24-6 loss to the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

PML has a system that has users spend a coaching budget on a positional coaching staff and choose what type of coach they are. You also choose an overall team playstyle; run-heavy, pass-heavy, or balanced on each side of the ball. Then, our commissioner’s bot uses a formula based on your decisions to assign small attribute bonuses and drawbacks based on your decisions, simulating the impact that a coaching staff has on their team. EA could implement this into their game and add a coaching carousel every off-season that builds on this idea.

Top 50 / Top 100

Premier Madden League also has a Top 50 list every off-season based upon lists made by users in the league. The list of eligible players is generated by our commissioner’s algorithm and could be mirrored by EA in the game. A system could be created that weighs different statistics and comes up with a Top 50 list that shows up in the news during the off-season. This is another feature that would make CFM feel more real and lived in.

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