Revisiting my season predictions

Here were my projections for season 2
NFC North
I was right about Mole and Jose finishing 1st and 2nd, but I thought the Packers would easily be in last. I was most wrong about the Vikings. I thought they would have a good chance at making the playoffs, but they ended up with a losing record. Final standings:
Bears 16-0 off by 1
Lions 13-3 off by 2
Vikings 7-9 off by 3
Packers 7-9 off by 3

NFC South
I had Falcons right at 13-3. I knew Bucs would finish last by far. I had JT and Nefarious swapped in my projections. I did a little better for this division. Final standings:
Falcons 13-3 perfect
Panthers 7-9 off by 2
Saints 6-10 off by 1
Buccs 0-16 off by 2

NFC East
Finally, a division where I got the standings correct. I thought there was a good chance at multiple teams getting in the playoffs. The NFC East had 3 of the top 7 teams in the NFC standings. Final standings:
Giants 13-3 off by 1
Redskins 11-5 off by 1
Cowboys 10-6 off by 1
Eagles 6-10 perfect

NFC West
This is a hard division to project because the teams are equally bad. The Cardinals had the league’s 5th worst point differential and managed to win the division. I was way too optimistic about these teams. Final standings:
Cardinals 6-10 perfect
49ers 5-11 off by 4
Seahawks 5-11 off by 1
Rams 2-14 off by 2

I thought AJ Dillon and Davion Taylor would win rookie of the year. Dillon had a good year picking up 1,456 yards and 13 touchdowns. Taylor had 6 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. I didn’t get a chance to see the winners, so I’m not sure if I was right about either guy.

AFC North
I had the Browns and Bengals tied for first. Bengals took the division because they have the better user (as I said in the predictions article). I was correct about Steelers and Ravens finishing 3rd and 4th. Final standings:
Bengals 11-5 off by 1
Browns 7-9 off by 3
Steelers 6-10 off by 2
Ravens 5-11 perfect

AFC South
This division made me look pretty bad. Matthew let me down. I didn’t know what to expect from the new Titans user, so I was overconfident in him too. Final standings:
Colts 9-7 off by 2
Jags 6-10 perfect
Texans 5-11 off by 3
Titans 4-12 off by 2

AFC East
I was fooled by the tankers. I was way off on the Bills and Jets. I was right about the Jets and Pats being at the bottom of the division, but I was way off on the win totals. Final standings:
Bills 13-3 off by 6
Dolphins 12-4 perfect
Jets 10-6 off by 5
Pats 6-10 perfect

AFC West
I thought this division would be a lot more competitive. The Broncos are busy chasing dev increases instead of wins. The Raiders just want to chuck it deep. The Chargers were a lot better than I thought because they signed Crablegs Winston. Final standings:
Chiefs 12-4 off by 2
Chargers 10-6 off by 5
Broncos 8-8 off by 2
Raiders 5-11 off by 5

I thought Henry Ruggs III and Bryce Hall would come away with the hardware. Ruggs had a great year picking up over 1,700 yards and 14 touchdowns. Hall had a whopping 14 interceptions. I didn’t see if either guy won, so I’m not sure about the accuracy of this prediction.

All I know is Mole won the Superbowl. I guessed this one, but so did everyone else in the league. I’m not sure about any of the other playoff games.

I don’t know who won MVP, but I don’t think it was Tarik Cohen. I thought he would be close to running for 3,000 yards again, but the Bears focussed more on passing the ball and developing other backs this season.

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