New Year New Me

A new calendar year nearly coincides with a new season of PML. Most teams are done with season 2, so here is a new year resolution for each team.

ARIZONA CARDINALS: Throw the ball away
The Cardinals somehow won their division despite being bottom 5 in points per game and bottom 10 in points allowed. 1 thing that is limiting their offense is the number of sacks they’re taking. Their trio of quarterbacks has absorbed 85 sacks and thrown 49 interceptions. They need to do a better job of throwing away when pressured.

ATLANTA FALCONS: Spread out the carries
It’s cool to have one rusher go for over 2,000 yards, but it’s dangerous for him to have over 85% of the team’s rushes. As often as running backs get injured in the league, it’s a huge shock he stayed healthy this year.

It’s hard to win when you throw under 20 passes a game. Lamar was efficient when he threw this year. He had 9 yards per pass and 19 TD’s to 20 INT’s. If the offense is two dimensional next year, they’ll win more than 5 games.

BUFFALO BILLS: Don’t chase dev traits
It’s tempting to focus on padding one player’s stats in hopes of him getting a dev increase. It’s not worth it when JT hands out 8 game suspensions.

The Panthers ran 29 more times than they threw this season. When they threw, they were pretty efficient. Cam Newton was over 10 yards per pass attempt and had a nearly 1:1 TD to INT ratio on his 275 attempts. The team’s running was good too, but it didn’t translate to points. They were 8th in rush yards, but 25th in points scored.

CINCINNATI BENGALS: Use a power back
The team only had 10 rushing touchdowns compared to the 40 that came through the air. A bigger back would help in goalline situations. The Bengals were only 14th in points scored despite being 9th in yards.

CHICAGO BEARS: Be more subtle when cheating
No one likes a sore loser. You “desynced” or “lost connection” several times this year immediately after allowing points. Tune down the #molecodes /s.

CLEVELAND BROWNS: Give up on Jalen Hurts
Hurts is hurting you whenever he’s in the game. His rushing and passing stats are horrendous. You play as well as the Bucs whenever he comes in.

Prescott is not worth a big extension or a 2nd franchise tag. The Cowboys finished 19th in pass yards and launched 37 picks. Save the money and get a little help in your front 7 on defense.

DENVER BRONCOS: Stop stat-padding
A couple tanked seasons and a year of locking in on getting a few players stats. It’s only a matter of time until some players in Denver get hit with a suspension or dev decrease. Spread the ball around and win games like it’s Madden 19.

DETROIT LIONS: Talk more shit
I love hearing about how bad Curt is. Spread the hate a little more and get others involved. Tell me about how HD tanked or how JT doesn’t understand football.

GREEN BAY PACKERS: Let Shea Patterson play more
The Packers are not in a position to make the playoffs. Rogers is 37 and won’t be around for their next window of success. It’s time to play Patterson and let him develop.

HOUSTON TEXANS: Throw to more receivers
It’s easy to gameplan for the Texans when one receiver has over 2.75 times more catches than the next leading receiver. I understand Hopkins was hurt for much of the season, but there has to be another threat at WR.

Back to back season with more interceptions than touchdowns for Jacoby Brisset. He’s a solid QB, but not a superstar. The offense would be more efficient if the Colts stuck to the run.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Get content out on time
Some articles take a lot of time and effort. It’s easy to procrastinate and put content off for later. Topical articles, like this one, should be published on a specific day. The Jags should work on getting content out earlier.

Patty Mahomes was 2nd on the team in rush yards and finished with 6 touchdowns on the ground. This is nice for the offense and all, but he’s too valuable to let run around. He’s being paid over $40 million to throw the ball. He needs to avoid as many hits as he can.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: Throw more to Ekeler
Austin Ekeler has the best hands in the LA backfield. The speedy back had only 8 catches this year. Winston would be more efficient if he threw more underneath. The Chargers were 30th in passing offense last season.

LOS ANGELES RAMS: Throw downfield more
Goff is scared to throw it deep, but he has nothing to lose. The Rams finished last in scoring on both sides of the ball. 38 interceptions are bad, but it’s not in the bottom 5. Taking more shots downfield could open up the run game and lead to more scoring. 7.8 yards per pass is pretty low.

MIAMI DOLPHINS: Stick with Josh Rosen
Rosen is one of the few QB’s to throw more touchdowns than interceptions. Khalil Tate is pretty awful in the games he started at QB. Rosen should be the face of the franchise after having two good seasons. Tate has a good dev trait, so he could get a big return in a trade.

The Vikings had an easy schedule and should have win 10 games. Instead, they chased a high draft pick and finished with a losing record. Minnesota finished by winning 4 of their last 5 games. Maybe the Jets tanking punishment scared the Vikes straight.

The Pats finished 24th in the league in sacks. They were 30th in passing yards allowed. Sending more blitzes would force the ball out quicker and allow Stephon Gilmore to play more 1 on 1 coverage.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Produce less content
While it’s fun for other league members to watch all the content produced by nefarious, it’s not fun for the Saints to consistently miss the playoffs. Maybe videos more concise would help.

NEW YORK GIANTS: Win a playoff game
Some teams are content with just making the playoffs. The Giants should be hungrier than that. They are good enough to at least get through the wildcard week.

After JT dropped a lot of dev traits, the Jets can use some young stars. The easiest way to find these studs is in the draft. Take one season off and see how much young talent you can get in the offseason.

OAKLAND RAIDERS: Throw checkdowns
Throwing over 5,000 yards in a season is impressive. Couple that with throwing 66 interceptions and you have an overall bad offense. Throwing shorter, high percentage passes will help keep the offense on the field.

Similar to the Packers, Philly is paying way too much to a QB who will not lead them to the playoffs. They are the worst team in a stacked division, so it’s time to rebuild. Take a QB in the draft, or trade for one from the Dolphins.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Throw the ball away
Pittsburgh easily took the most sacks this year with 90. Big Ben is too old to be taking hits. Even if Mason Rudolph is the QB of the future, the Steelers need to learn to throw the ball away and stop falling behind the chains.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Stop trading away the offense
The 49ers would have easily won their division if they didn’t trade away most of their playmakers on offense. Instead, they finished 5-11 with the 3rd fewest yards on offense. George Kittle is one of the few players with value left on offense; keep him.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Throw downfield
Teams will sit underneath until the Seahawks prove they can throw the deep ball. Deandre Swift had over twice as many catches as any other player on the roster. A more vertical attack will also help Swift improve from an abysmal 3.9 yards per carry.

0-16 is embarrassing and would get most coaches fired. Especially with 4 of the losses coming against the lowly Saints and Panthers. There’s a low bar for next season; hit it.

TENNESSEE TITANS: Run more with Mariota
Even if Jake Fromm is the starting QB, Mariota should have a role for the remainder of his long contract. Mariota had only 26 rush yards last season. Speedy QB Trevor Knight had 383 rush yards while seeing a similar snap count. The Tennessee offense could be more effective around the goal line and on 3rd and short with Mariota if there was a threat of him taking off.

Graham is easily the tallest route-runner at 6’7″. He only made a catch in two games this season. He is a great red zone threat that could help Dwayne Haskins Jr improve from 20th in pass TD’s.

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