AFC Team Needs

AFC East

Buffalo Bills- RT, RG: The Bills have built themselves a solid roster in  one season, allowing them to go from a top 15 pick to Superbowl runner up. If they want to get back to the Superbowl, finding a quality lineman for their right side will go a long way. 

Miami Dolphins- C, LG: Once again the Dolphins found themselves defying the odds and taking one of the worst rated rosters in the league to the divisional round. Quality lineman are hard to come by, but using one of his two first round picks on a center might be just what the team needs to take the next step. 

New England Patriots- DE, QB: The AFC east as a whole were a whole lot better this season, except for the Patriots who fell to last place in the division. With Brady on the verge of retirement, the Patriots will look to replace his successor this offseason. 

New York Jets- RG, RE: The Jets fell short of the playoffs this season but were much improved over last season. A right guard found in free agency, or the draft will help them in their run towards the playoffs this upcoming season. 

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens- LG,RG: The Ravens pass offense ranked 31st in the league, which makes obtaining lineman a priority in the offseason. 

Cincinnati Bengals- RG, LB: The Bengals made a good run into the playoffs, despite ranking 27th in rush defense. A linebacker found in the offseason will certainly fix that. 

Cleveland Browns- LG, LB: The Browns fell short of the playoffs this season, obtaining a linebacker will certainly help a rush defense that ranked 28th in the league. 

Pittsburgh Steelers- QB, LG: The ever aging Ben Roethlisberger will possibly retire this offseason, leaving Mason Rudplh as the team’s starting QB. If last season was any indicator, the Steelers need to find a new QB or face another losing season. 

AFC South

Houston Texans- RT, C: Having Dashun Watson at quarterback can make any line serviceable, however, if the Texans want to compete they need to make finding lineman a priority. 

Indianapolis Colts- DL, QB: With an aging defensive only getting worse, the Colts will need to look to the offseason to find their next pass rusher. 

Jacksonville Jaguars- RG, DE: The Jaguars ranked 23rd in rushing and 25th in passing last season. Getting their offensive line in shape will help those statistics. 

Tennessee Titans- C, ROLB: The Titans only have 5 linemen on their active roster. A center is a must have to play and considering they don’t have one, it is an obvious need. 

AFC West

Denver Broncos- C, DE: The Broncos ranked highly is most statistical categories, it is surprisingly they didn’t make the playoffs last season. Quarterback Lock ranked highly in interceptions thrown, which means that obtaining a center in the offseason will surely reduce that number. 

Kansas City Chiefs- LT, C: Patrick Mahomes at quarterback will cover up most if not all of the inconsistencies your offensive may have. Making the offensive line a priority this offseason will make this team deadlier than they already are. 

Los Angeles Chargers- DT BOSA: The Chargers only need is to switch Bosa to defensive tackle permanently. 

Oakland Raiders- LG, C: Quarterback Carr threw a league high 63 interceptions and was sacked 60 times. A revamped offensive line from free agency or the draft will hopefully fix whatever issues ales Carr. 

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