The Worst Offensive Performance In The History Of PML

The Worst Offensive Performance In The History Of PML

Who do you think catches this pass? (Hint: not the Colts receiver) 


After winning a few divisional games, the Colts were on a confident run,however, that all came to screeching halt Week 7 versus the Green Bay Packers. The Packers came into week 7 as a team that has dramatically improved from last season. The Colts felt they could compete with Aaron Rodgers and company, which in the most part they did. The Colts despite all of their turnovers were in the game until about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, where Colts quarterback Brissett threw a pick 6 on the goal-line to put the Packers up 14. The Packers defense destroyed the Colt offense in this game for a total of 12 turnovers and 9 sacks. This dominating performance resulted in a 30-13 win for the Packers. 

Brissetts one of many interceptions 

The offense for the Colts was atrocious in this game. Quarterback Brissett threw for 0 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Some of his interceptions were by trying to fit passes into coverage but some of them were head scratchers where he threw straight to the Packer defense. The Colts running game was stuffed from the get go, as Hines ran for only 57 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries. He also had a huge fumble late in the game. The Colts great offensive line surrendered 9 sacks in this game with right tackle Smith giving up 4 sacks. The only bright spot for the Colts offense was wide receiver Campbell who caught 11 passes for 209 yards. He was rewarded with the superstar x factor ability “Mossed” for his efforts. 

The Colts defense played very well and gave them a shot at winning the game despite how bad the offense played. When you’ve thrown 10 interceptions and you’re still in the game, only down a touchdown with 6 minutes left then you know your defense played well. After Brissetts final goal line interception, the game was finally over. This game has put a sour taste in the Colts mouth. They face the undefeated Lions next and if they play the same way as  this week, they will find themselves going into their bye week on a losing streak. 

Wide receiver Parris Campbell who recently got superstar abilities last season and in this game obtained the superstar x factor “mossed” ability could be heard complaining after the game. He could be heard saying, “ I gave my heart and soul into this game, I was open on so many routes and this clown throws it straight to the Packer defense.” When Brissett was asked about Campbell’s comments he would only shake his head in disgust as he knows how right Campbell was.


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