Saints Offseason Trades

This past offseason the New Orleans Saints had some turnover with guys leaving in free agency and through retirement. One big name was Ted Ginn Jr. who retired after his long career in the PML. Leaving a hole for the Saints to fill. Also giving the Saints cap trouble there were other moves that had to be made to give them some flexibility. 

Trade 1-

New Orleans Saints send:

Current 2020 third round pick (81 overall)

Future 2021 fourth round pick (125 overall)

Jacksonville Jaguars send:

WR Dede Westbrook

Here is a specific trade where the New Orleans Saints acquired a hole left by Ted Ginn Jr. they went out to get a option on the opposite end to help Michael Thomas. Dede Westbrook is a younger option on the market as well being only 26 years old. Giving the Saints a more permanent fix instead of temporary. 

Trade 2-

New Orleans Saints send:

CB Patrick Robinson

Indianapolis Colts send:

Current 2020 sixth round pick (191 overall-HB Rodney Smith)

With the current cap situation the Saints had to free up space. They did so by sending veteran nickel corner Patrick Robinson over time the Colts who needed a reliable corner back. Robinson is on the wrong side of 30 and the Saints have plenty of options behind him. So it was a win-win for both. 

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