2020 PML Predictions

Its finally here, the season is kicking off and we are all ready to compete. Unless your nam is Mole then every spot is up for grabs and here’s how its gonna shake out…


AFC East- Miami Dolphins

Although both the Bills and Jets look to make big strides this season, you just can’t overlook what Cookieboy did last season and then the massive improvements all over the roster. Cookie gave the AFC a run for their money with the worst roster in Madden. I expect a 12-4 season with an explosive offense, the addition of OL and weapons will really be the story out of Miami in 2020.

AFC West- Kansas City Cheifs

Mike and the Chiefs ran through the AFC but couldn’t get it done in the playoffs. I think with a year of experience under his belt he makes it back to the playoffs and starts to put the pieces together. Chiefs go 12-4, but the Broncos will be a team to watch, Fallen started getting red hot at the end of last season and young players really shined, will be a close division race in 2020.

AFC North- Cleveland Browns

I would take a shot on the Bengals with that Red Rifle offense but if you leave chat because you got beat so bad there is no coming back from that. Browns will win the division but it won’t be pretty, especially if we see alt of Jalen Hurts. 9-7 with a couple division losses to make things interesting.

AFC South- Indianapolis Colts

The reigning AFC Champs will repeat as division winners again in 2020, his rushing attack will continue to dominate the AFC South, as Burn learns from his SB loss to Mole. Colts go 11-5 but easily win the division.

NFC East- New York Giants

The self proclaimed toughest division in PML, but fora good reason. Although the Giants don’t have the best talent, they will find ways to make it work. With the former sixth overall pick Danny Dimes taking over for Eli the Giants offense can finally open the entire playbook up for the young QB.Giants will go 13-3, but the rest of the division wont make it easy though. I expect the Cowboys to bounce back in a big way, and the Redskins to continue to impress. the Eagles might be the odd man out with 8-8 which in the NFC just wont it.

NFC West- Sanfransico 49ers

The 49ers were able to get 10 wins, but the division was overall weak. Although the Niners put up a good fight in the playoffs they fell short. I think they easily repeat and try to get a win in the postseason, with young guys developing from last season.

NFC North- Bears


NFC South- Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons were one of the biggest surprises in PML last season. After coming out of no where he won the 2nd seed in the NFC. After a big win against the Skins in the playoffs he sadly got Mole’d. Will be interesting to see if he can grow from that loss and challenge Mole at the top of the NFC

Super Bowl

Mole (Bears) vs Mike (Chiefs)

Mole continues to dominate PML, and Mike puts the pieces together in year 2. Mike wont win the game, but he’ll but points up, something that no one was really able to do. Think the AFC Playoff race will very tight with maybe a few surprising teams making it in. NFC playoffs will look pretty similar, but guys will start to close the gap with Mole, sadly it wont be enough Bears back to back SB Champs.

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